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The Explosive Growth of Spanish Language Content: An Expert Q&A with Cross-Cultural Communications Executive, Izadeli ‘Iza’ Montalvo

With artists like Bad Bunny dominating the charts and U.S. Latinos wielding outsized influence on social media, Spanish language content is undeniably going mainstream in the U.S.

This seismic shift presents major opportunities—and imperatives—for brands seeking to engage today’s consumers. I spoke with cross-cultural communications executive Izadeli ‘Iza’ Montalvo, founder of Olán Media and Cross-Culture Connect, about why developing Spanish content should be an urgent priority right now.


Meet The Entrepreneur Helping Diverse Leaders Find Their Voice – PR News Blog

Izadeli ‘Iza’ Montalvo is a cross-cultural communications executive on a mission to amplify diverse voices. Her passion for bridging cultural divides led her to start Olán Media in 2017 and later create the Cross-Culture Connect framework.

Leveraging her expertise in media and communications along with proven cross-cultural training strategies, Montalvo helps thought leaders from underrepresented backgrounds build their personal brands and become influential voices in their industries.

Coquito Chronicles: Puerto Rico’s Creamy Holiday Tradition

As far as I can tell, Puerto Ricans celebrate the longest holiday season in the world. And it’s already started.

The festivities begin in November and end with the “octavitas,” eight days after the Three Kings Day in January.

And there’s no better way to celebrate than with our traditional drinks and foods.

Every Christmas, my mom used to make her famous coquito to give away to friends and family as a gift and, ever since, her recipe has become a tradition in our family.

And there is no Ch

460 Million Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Spanish-Language Content Strategy

With over 460 million Spanish speakers worldwide, it’s no brainer that Spanish content is incredibly important in today’s digital landscape.

Brands and content creators that tap into this vast audience stand to become global leaders in their fields.

When incorporating Spanish language content and even Spanglish content in your marketing and communication plans, you can reach wider audiences and establish and authentic readership base, followers and customers.

In our increasingly globalized wo

Bilingual and bicultural content is not a ‘nice-to-have’ is a must for global brands

For far too long, many brands have treated bilingual content as an optional extra — a “nice-to-have” rather than a priority.

But the recent Bad Bunny Time Magazine cover marks a pivotal moment, proving once and for all that multilingual marketing is absolutely crucial for any brand with global ambitions.

The time has come to flip the script on bilingual and bicultural branding. This is not just about showing customers you “value” their culture. It’s about understanding that without locally tar

Why not speaking their language is hurting your bottom line

Having a global presence is key for brands looking to expand their reach and increase revenue. But simply translating English content does not cut it. To truly resonate with international audiences, brands need bilingual content that speaks to consumers in their native language.

What is Bilingual Content and Why Does it Matter?

Bilingual content refers to any type of content, including websites, ads, social posts, newsletters and more, presented in two or more languages. This allows brands to

Think AI translation is your golden ticket to the Latino market? Think again.

Many brands are jumping on the AI bandwagon, using tools like Chat GPT to craft content for the fast-growing Spanish-speaking Latinos and bilingual audiences.

But here’s a hard pill to swallow: AI translation doesn’t always mean a home run in authentic engagement. 😓

Why? Because connecting with the Latino market is NOT just about language. It’s about understanding nuances, culture, and emotions. It’s about crafting messages that resonate, not just translate.

The potential of artificial intell