Hey, this is Iza!

Izadeli Montalvo, known professionally as Iza Montalvo, is a Latina CEO & Founder, award-winning media executive, strategic powerhouse, radio host, TV commentator and cross-cultural communication professional. 

With a wealth of experience in leadership roles within the media, including Spanish-language media, PR and communication industry, she has provided expert advice to members of the U.S. Congress, thought leaders, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Throughout her career, Izadeli 'Iza' Montalvo has leveraged her bicultural identity and passion for the Spanish language to bridge cultural divides and amplify diverse voices.

She has made significant contributions to some of the nation's largest Spanish-language publications and have worked in mainstream newsrooms, reaching diverse audiences.

*Founder of Olán Media, a company focused on culturally-relevant solutions. 

* Over 15 years of experience as a strategic communications expert, journalist and media executive.

*Held leadership roles at major media outlets like Impremedia, and The New York Times Regional Group.

*Expertise in multicultural messaging, media relations, thought leadership development, and empowering diverse professionals.

    *Named Editor in Chief of La Prensa, Central Florida's Spanish-language newspaper of record. 

    *Played key role in launching Visión Latina, Polk County's first Spanish-language weekly.

    *Recognized as Central Florida's 25 Most Influential Hispanics by Visión Magazine and Orlando's Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

    *Honored with the U.S. Congressional Record during Hispanic Heritage Month and Women's International Month. 

    *Received José Martí Bronze and Silver Awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications. The longest running publishing awards recognizing Hispanic excellence in the United States.

    *Creator of Jevas Combativas, the first Spanish-language feminist platform in the U.S., an editorial brand celebrating young and bold Latinas. 

    * Hosted and produced her own radio show in I-Heart Radio about issues affecting Latinos in the U.S. 

    "Authentic connection transcends divides when we embrace shared humanity."

    Iza Montalvo